The Centre for Data Digitisation and Analysis (CDDA) at Queen’s University Belfast, and BOPCRIS at the University of Southampton are two of the leading digitisation units in the UK Higher Education sector.

Both are engaged in a wide number of projects (such as the Stormont Debates digitisation or the 18th-century Parliamentary papers and play an instrumental part in the UK’s digitisation infrastructure.

Most notable about CDDA is that has a good relationship with local students, providing them with skills and training to undertake data capture and processing work. The centre has around 5 or 6 flatbed scanners, 4 or 5 book scanners on tables and 1 larger book scanner for more difficult material.

BOPCRIS’s jewel is its robotic scanner which using suction power to automatically lift and turn pages before taking pictures. BOPCRIS also has 4 or 5 book scanners on tables and one larger book scanner standing on its own.