Historical GIS 2008

Historical GIS 2008

Call For Papers is now open for Historical GIS 2008, a two-day conference on all aspects of using GIS in historical
research to be held at the University of Essex, UK on the 21-22nd August

For more information please see:


or contact Ian Gregory at: I.Gregory@lancaster.ac.uk.

One thought on “Historical GIS 2008

  1. Hello,

    I’am working at University of Lublin (Poland)- Department of History and trying to use GIS in my researches (first of all religious history, and ecclesiastical and administrative boundaries in Polish-Lithuanian State during XVI-XVIII centuries).

    It is quite possible that next year will be opened the new specialization for our students concerning with the use of GIS in historical research.

    These days I saw on webpage of hgis.org.uk, that will be organized the meeting, this year in August in Essex. I would like to ask about participants from Poland and eventually about possibility of making a little presentation of my efforts on this field…

    Yours sincerely


    dr Bogumił Szady

    Katedra Historii XVI-XVIII w.

    Instytut Historii KUL

    tel. 660089782



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