Forwarded on behalf of Dr Julie Tolmie, King’s College London

The next cross-domain networking event held by this group will be the vizNET 2008 Workshop held in Loughborough 7-9 May:

We would like to invite you, your students and your institution to showcase your research in visualisation in the Arts & Humanities and associated interdisciplinary activities by video or by poster at our event.

We also invite you to contribute your expertise and insight to day three of vizNET 2008 (9 May) in which we will explore and identify a series of Grand Challenges as perceived by the UK Visualization Community:

Early registration for this event closes next Friday 18 April:
£40 / £15 Students
Video/Poster submission closes in two weeks on Friday 25th April 2008.

Register now for
vizNET 2008: The 2nd Interdisciplinary Conference on Intersections of Visualization Practices and Techniques , 7th-9th May, Loughborough University

A JISC funded joint event hosted by vizNET and 3DVisA.