The Creative Europe programme is the EU’s funding for the cultural and creative sector for 2014-20.

It brings together other more specific programmes from the 2007-13, such as the MEDIA programme for funding development of audiovisual skills and infrastructures, largely related to cinema.

Much of the new funding is earmarked for continuing quite specific tasks – distribution of European film, and translation of Euroepan language literature. Other pockets of funding are for dedicated to cross-border cultural performance. Documentation on the website trying to build banking expertise and easier access to private funding.

There is a fair bit of mention of digital, but in quite a generic way. From a cultural heritage point of view, one sees there might well be possibilities in addressing the infrastructural shift to digital, and also addressing the different business models required by that shift. There is, unsurprisingly, mention of transnational access; that is something else the cultural heritage sector might support with digital access.

The press release has some good pieces of information, such as the proposed budget of 1.8m Euros. There are also associated FAQs. The (undated) recommendations from the European Commission to the Council and Parliament go into further detail.
The (undated) pamphlet on the European Commission website (pdf) suggests the details of the programme are not yet confirmed.

As with Horizon 2020, it may well be that the European Commission’s website is out of date, representing initial plans rather than the current state of affairs. It is annoying that it is not updated, nor that there is any newsletter or mailing list to subscribe to.  The We are More website suggests that the funding may drop to around the 1.3bn mark after initial discussion between European Council, Parliament and Commission in April 2013.

There is no mention of when the first calls might be announced, but according to other sources this will be in mid-late 2013. Like Horizon 2020, I guess that will require further discussion between EU institutions to finalise matters.