Getting lost in the mire of massive European projects, I am trying to put together some principles to remind me of what I am trying to work on. A first draft is below !

  • Always do user research. However great it is, your knowledge and intelligence cannot know what 10s, 100s or 1000s of users will do
  • Use existing infrastructure to make life easier. C’mon, Google Docs is pretty cool.
  • “Nobody ever complained about a website being too easy to read” (thanks Dean Birkett)
  • Data should be free and easy to download at a granular level. PDF bad, CSV good …
  • … but think context too … CSVs will mystify some people.
  • Be open and transparent in your process. Yes, it hurts. But then everyone knows where you are and what you are trying to do .
  • Avoid vapourware. If something’s not really ready yet, don’t say it is.

They are all pretty obvious, but are useful to remind yourself of from time to time. I’m also thinking about doing on workplace behaviour.