Services offered by or through Delft Library Resarch Data Services 

  1. Data Archive – repository for storing data. Questionb of branding – archive or repository ? Smaller issues logged via Bugzilla and Trello; larger ideas for change still require evidence base throughout the universtiy before they can be implemented. EG Dark archive, or restricted access requirements, interface design.  Embargoes to be offered in self-upload form. Workflow involves data moderation process, checking both quality of metadata and technical quality of content. All conversations go through data officer. Rare to get functional process requirements from researchers,most are driven by library; eg implemtnation of Orcid 
  2. Datacite – international tool delivered via RDS, for giving DOIs to data. Library is Datacite member
  3. Dataverse – generic tool for managing data during research projects. Hosted by DANS; specific instance for 3tu (Delft, Eindhoven, Enschede) use
  4. Open earth Labs, created by Delft for Geo Sciences.Helps manage research data with focus on geo data; more complex than Dataverse
  5. Data Management Plan assistance. Greater number of requests for ‘Data Paragraphs’ in pre-proposals though rather than actuall fullplans