1. In Mexico, there exist massive sinkholes, hundreds of metres wide and deep, caused by erosion. It would be easier to retrieve your document from such a place then from the Sharepoint document management system. 34731226875_b369a445d4_z
  2. Sharepoint seduces management. “It offers this feature! And this feature too! And this! And it connects this data to this data. Oh my word. It can do everything we need !!! ” All these features? Yes it can. Just very badly.
  3. In any good system, there is no need for a help manual. But if there is a helpbox, you don’t want hopelessly optimistic links to some other rubbish Microsoft tool completely unrelated to the work you are doing (“Hi! Do you want to content and create reports in the eDiscovery Center …?)
  4. 90850-1434548561-6023011.png Groan …. another company Intranet
  5. That little lag when you click on a new page link. Is Bill Gates checking your every move?
  6. URLs like inescapable mazes
  7. sp2013-createanewsite Simon, please don’t.
  8. Cloud Paranoia – that sneaking, vertiginous feeling that the doc you are editing is also worked on by someone else, IN A SEPARATE VERSION!! And that your edits will be ‘LOCKED OUT’ or ‘UNSAVED’. Will hours of painstaking work disappear down the abyss?
  9. Addiction through desperation. Having hacked through the unforgiving jungle of Sharepoint features, staff are too exhausted to go anywhere else.
  10. The Design Headache Blues. Really, how can such tiny fonts survive? And such inattention to basic user interaction?
  11. Bloated with features that confuse usability. Tag this! Alert me this! Check out that! Like a pimply teenager who has just discovered social media.
  12. Bloated with the undead. Content can never be found, but neither can it be killed. Zombie Word files roam the lands of Sharepoint.
  13. Sorry, you do not have the permission to do this. Please contact your administrator service desk.” Of course, they are all on a Sharepoint training course for the next three weeks ….

(Image – Jason Barles, Flickr)